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The Mess ()

Produced by

Mikaela Davis and Polly Phokeev Productions

Creators: Polly Phokeev and Mikaela Davies
Playwright: Polly Phokeev
Director: Mikaela Davies


Apple Self Storage


December 6th, 2017 – December 17th, 2017


Annalise is clearing out the storage locker she shared with her deceased ex-husband when his recent partner, a young man, shows up unannounced. As they clash over the things Mark left behind, they contend with their contradictory memories of a man they loved and thought they knew. (Show Facebook Event)


Robyn Stevan Annalise
Rebecca Applebaum Mackenzie
Michael Ayres Tristan

Creative Team

Polly Phokeev Creator
Mikaela Davies Creator
Polly Phokeev Playwright
Mikaela Davies Director
Imogen Wilson Designer
Mikaela Davies Designer
Gregory Hoskins Music


Imogen Wilson Production Manager
Alex Rand Producer