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The Nails ()

Produced by

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwright: Jason Maghanoy
Director: Tanya Rintoul


Factory Studio Theatre


August 5th, 2017 – August 13th, 2017


Ally and Josh spend every summer with their father as he goes from small town to small town working for a construction company in America. But this summer is different. This summer they grow up. This is the summer that everything changes.

The Nails is a play about family. It is a play about faith. And it captures a world of freedom and extremism in all directions; love and cruelty exist within the same space here. Sometimes they feel like the same thing. (


Jeysa Caridad Ally
Jake Runeckles Josh
William Christopher Ellis Boy
Ellie Ellwand Girl
Alexander Thomas Roger

Creative Team

Jason Maghanoy Playwright
Tanya Rintoul Director
Christine Ting-Huan 挺歡 Urquhart Set Designer
Claire Hill Costume Designer
David Costello Lighting Designer
Jaiden Davis-Jones Sound Designer


Alanna McConnell Show Stage Manager
Meghan Froebelius Rehearsal Stage Manager
Alanna McConnell Production Manager
Alanna McConnell Technical Director