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The Queens ()

Produced by

Glasswater Theatre

Playwright: Normand Chaurette
Translator: Linda Gaboriau
Director: Mairin Smit


The Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse


September 8th, 2011 – September 18th, 2011


Drawing inspiration from the characters of Shakespeare’s Richard III, The Queens tells the story of six ruthless and passionate royal women, all vying for a chance at power. Set just prior to Richard III’s ascent to the throne, the women struggle against the ties of blood, marriage and political circumstance, as they attempt to secure their position in the new monarchy. Written in rich and lyrical verse, Normand Chaurette gives voice to these often unheard characters, showing the humanity and frustration behind their crowns. It is an incredible journey into the dark and ever-shifting world of the queens. (


Claire Acott Cecily, Duchess of York
Bronwyn Caudle Anne Warwick
Cosette Derome Isabel Warwick
Carolyn Hall Queen Elizabeth
Tina Sterling Queen Margaret
Jenna Turk Anne Dexter

Creative Team

Normand Chaurette Playwright
Linda Gaboriau Translator
Mairin Smit Director
Susan Bond Dramaturge
Linn Øyen Farley Lighting Designer
Una Ruud Saxvik Assistant Lighting Designer
Caitilin O’Hare Costume Designer
Beth Duffus Costume Designer
Una Ruud Saxvik Sound Designer
Emily Opal Smith Choreographer


Jenna Koenig Stage Manager
Megan Blake Scenic Artist
Soheila Nourouzi Make-up / Hair Artist
Luke LaRocque Producer
Jessica M. Rose Publicist