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The Real McCoy ()

Produced by

Factory Theatre

Playwright: Andrew Moodie
Director: Andrew Moodie


Factory Mainspace Theatre


January 28th, 2006 – February 26th, 2006


The Real McCoy is a powerful theatrical experience inspired by the life and times of Elijah McCoy. Born in Canada to runaway slaves, McCoy became a leading expert in the field of thermo-dynamics whose inventions revolutionized steam engine travel. When others tried to imitate his achievements, people began asking if what they were buying was ‘the real McCoy’. McCoy’s move to America exposed him to great adversity and eventually stripped him of his inventions, his sanity and his life.(


Bruce Beaton Performer
Ardon Bess Performer
Matthew Deslippe Performer
Kevin Hanchard Performer
Marcia Johnson Performer
Zainab Musa Performer
Maurice Dean Wint Performer

Creative Team

Andrew Moodie Playwright
Andrew Moodie Director
Steve Lucas Lighting Designer
Steve Lucas Set Designer
Julia Tribe Costume Designer
Gerard Chrysostum Louis Sound Designer
Wendy Robbins Set Assistant
Ruthann Drummond Lighting Assistant
Brendan Cassidy Properties


Crystal Salverda Stage Manager
Jen Contant Apprentice Stage Manager
Courtenay Hindemit Head of Wardrobe
Allison Mondesier Hair Consultant
Gord Peck Head Carpenter
Alec Harmer Technician
A. Shay Hahn Painter
Ed Gass-Donnelly Graphic Designer
Amy Clark Crew
André Du Toit Crew
Guy Doucette Crew
Peter Eaton Crew
Ian Morton Crew
Drew Nelson Crew
Peter Veeneman Crew
Brendan Wiklund Crew


Michael Hooper Production Manager
Michael Hooper Technical Director