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The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui ()

Produced by

Karfiol Kollektiv and The Red Light District

Playwright: Bertolt Brecht
Translator: Jennifer Wise


The Great Hall Black Box Theatre


November 21st, 2013 – December 7th, 2013



chicago in the 1930s. something is rotten in the cauliflower industry. a financial crisis and a corruption scandal allow the city’s most notorious gangster to use brute force and intimidation to manhandle his way to the top of the city’s vegetable racket, leaving behind him a trail of corpses.

brecht’s parable play about the rise of hitler and the people who elected him was written in exile in finland in 1941, in the early years of the second world war, with no end to the nazi terror in sight. fast paced, funny, and shakespearean in scope, ARTURO UI is about the politicians who play dirty and the people who let them. (


Daniela Pagliarello Ui
Rodrigo Trigueros Roma
Mishka Thébaud Givola
Josh Johnston Giri
Alexandra Augustine Dockdaisy
Tiana Asperjan Clark / Doctor
Rose Tuong Flake / Gangster 1 / Prosecution
Kayla Childs Butcher / Gangster 2 / Judge
Tina Jung Ragg / Carrots / Betty
Tyler Hagemann Dogsborough
Fiorella Pennano Carruther / Young Dogsborough / Jicama / Jailbait Slut / Gunman
Olivia Clarke Mulberry / Fish / Church Slut / Gunman
Eric Rich Dullfeet / Hook / Bowl / Token Queer Slut / Gunman
Sheri Godda Sheet / French Maid (Who moonlights as a hooker) / O'Casey, auditor-general / Mahoney, a washed up actor / James Greenwool (baritone and gangster) / Defense Lawyer / Gunman / Mourner

Creative Team

Bertolt Brecht Playwright
Jennifer Wise Translator
Ted Witzel Director
Nicole de Angelis Assistant Director
Maite Jacobson Assistant Director
Scott Spidell Set
Scott Spidell Lighting
Scott Spidell Video
Amanda Wong Props
Michelle Tracey Props
Amanda Wong Costumes
Michelle Tracey Costumes
Amanda Wong Make-Up
Michelle Tracey Make-Up
Maarika Pinkney Choreographer
Ted Witzel Sound
Maite Jacobson Sound
Nicole de Angelis Sound


Christopher Ross Technical Director
Amanda Wong Dresser
Michelle Tracey Dresser
Dylan Bobier Dresser
Kaitlyn Smith Dresser
Laura Andrew Dresser
Cass Brannen Dresser
Julia Mattias Dresser
Megan Poupore Dresser
Ira Lipkin Dresser
Marco Cupelli Dresser
Amanda Loader Dresser
Sarah Johnston Dresser
Amanda Wong Make-up Artist
Michelle Tracey Make-up Artist
Dylan Bobier Make-up Artist
Kaitlyn Smith Make-up Artist
Laura Andrew Make-up Artist
Cass Brannen Make-up Artist
Julia Mattias Make-up Artist
Megan Poupore Make-up Artist
Ira Lipkin Make-up Artist
Marco Cupelli Make-up Artist
Amanda Loader Make-up Artist
Sarah Johnston Make-up Artist
Nicole de Angelis Operator
Maite Jacobson Operator
Elyssia Sasaki Operator
Roger de Angelis Construction
Kerry Freek Producer
Lauren Gillis Producer
Ted Witzel Producer
Richard Jacobson Graphic Designer
Ted Witzel Graphic Designer