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The Seer ()

Produced by


Playwright: Zach Closs
Director: Chantel Watts


The Commons Theatre


March 30th, 2017 – April 8th, 2017


Set in a world rent by a mysterious cataclysm, The Seer is the story of a man consumed by his hunt for revenge, and the woman compelled by guilt to lead him. Their adventure unfolds in turns tender and gruesome, but remains gripping throughout.   In a world of political instability and ecological peril, The Seer offers a fearless exploration of humanity pushed to its limits. Raising questions about how our responsibilities–to each other, to our children, and to ourselves–might change in an uncertain future, The Seer is a timely invitation to look forward and grapple with the uncertainties that await us. (


Sean C. Dwyer The Man
Tess Richards The Woman
Sean Meldrum The Boy

Creative Team

Zach Closs Playwright
Chantel Watts Director
Gillian Armstrong Assistant Director
Bryanna Blackwell Costume Designer
Micah Champagne Lighting Designer
Kaleigh Potts Set Designer
Tayves Fiddis Sound Designer
Em Piro Movement Designer
Nate Bitton Fight Choreographer


Julie Rae King Stage Manager
Nawi Moreno Assistant Stage Manager
Claire Shenstone-Harris Production Assistant
Jesse Gazic Marketing Manager
Chantel Watts Producer