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The Sputniks ()

Produced by

Ten Foot Pole Productions

Playwright: Elison Zasko
Director: Jonno Katz


The Lower Ossington Theatre


May 12th, 2009 – May 17th, 2009


With its endearing cast of characters all played by carrot-topped Russian immigrant Elison Zasko, The Sputniks appears at first to be a simple comedy set among a Jewish family in the Soviet Union, but as this deceptive puzzle-box play unfolds, we’re shown the horrors of a totalitarian regime that drives the Sputnik family to plot a dangerous and ultimately soul-crushing course of escape to the West. Bound to homeless travel, they play chess, eat soup, and bravely carry their tragedies deep inside their suitcases. (


Elison Zasko Performer

Creative Team

Elison Zasko Playwright
Jonno Katz Director
Raylene Campbell Composer
Raylene Campbell Sound Designer