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The Tempest Replica ()

Produced by

Kidd Pivot

Presented by

Canadian Stage

Creator: Crystal Pite
Choreographer: Crystal Pite


Bluma Appel Theatre


May 7th, 2014 – May 11th, 2014


In her new dance piece inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest, award-winning Canadian choreographer Crystal Pite stages a game of revenge and forgiveness, where reality dances with imagination. Integrating stunning visuals, projection and an original score, The Tempest Replica is a testament to Pite’s skill as an image-maker and storyteller of rare distinction. (



Bryan Arias Performer
Eric Beauchesne Performer
Peter Chu Performer
Sandra Marín Garcia Performer
Yannick Matthon Performer
David Raymond Performer
Cindy Salgado Performer
Ralph Escamillan Apprentice Actor

Creative Team

Crystal Pite Creator
Crystal Pite Choreographer
Robert Sondergaard Lighting Designer
Jay Gower Taylor Set Designer
Nancy Bryant Costume Designer
Alessandro Juliani Sound Designer
Meg Roe Sound Designer
Jamie Nesbitt Projection Designer


Owen Belton Composer
Peter Chu Voice
Meg Roe Voice


Heidi Quicke Stage Manager
Linda Chow Stitcher/Builder
Hagen Bonifer Props Builder
Arnold Frühwald Props Builder
Josef Chung Management Associate
Heather McDermid Management Associate
Bernard Sauvé Management Associate
Sharon Simpson Management Associate
Jim Smith Management Associate
Jeremy Collie-Holmes Technical Director
Eric Chad Audio Visual Technician
Eric Beauchesne Assistant Artistic Director
Brent Belsher Company Manager