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then, then. ()

Produced by

Messy Kween Collective

Playwright: Kyle Capstick
Director: Evan Harkai


Majlis Art Garden


September 17th, 2015 – September 27th, 2015


The day after two bombs were dropped on a neighbouring village, a community theatre troupe rehearses for a production of a new play about star-crossed lovers as planes fly threateningly overhead. To the aging director’s chagrin, the playwright’s in love with the leading man, the leading man fears he has misplaced his heart, the ingenue feels nothing when she and the leading man kiss, the older female actress has no maternal instincts, and the young stage hand is trying not to mimic the sounds of planes that fill the sky. then, then is a poetic, imaginative, and nuanced look into the formation of a community, inspired by the playwright’s great-great uncle who ran a community theatre in rural England during the Second World War. (


Madeleine Brown Brian
Michelle Lewis Abigail
Jamie Johnson Jack
Karie Richards Myriam
Nicholas Surges Paul
Jonathan Walls Chris

Creative Team

Kyle Capstick Playwright
Evan Harkai Director
Colleen Snell Choreographer
Lindsay Junkin Costume Designer
Johnny Cann Lighting Designer
Johnny Cann Sound Designer


Deborah Lim Stage Manager
Hilary Scott Poster Design
Jonathan Harvey Photography
Brittany Rae Robinson Voice Coach