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This Is For You, Anna ()

Produced by

Hart House Theatre

Creators: Suzanne Khuri and Ann-Marie MacDonald and Banuta Rubess and Maureen White
Director: Chelsea Dab Hilke


Hart House Theatre


February 27th, 2015 – March 7th, 2015


This is for You, Anna is a haunting exploration of revenge, liberation and motherhood. Breaking the mould of contemporary theatre, it demands that we acknowledge a new perspective and a new possibility in storytelling. When it made its debut in the 1980s, it was the first of its kind: a collective creation that strove to construct a theatrical story that was wholly female. From its structure and creative process to its subject matter and performing space, This is for You, Anna is a cheekily satirical and surprisingly poignant play that stands apart even today. (


Claudia Carino M.2 / Accordionist / Narrator / Arabella / Eena / Victim 1 / Woman 3 / Fiancee
Lesley Robertson M.1 / Accordionist / Amaranta / Victim 2 / Woman 1 / Friend / Fiancee
Amaka Umeh M. 4 / Daughter / Friend / Alicia / Jenny / Victim 3 / Woman 4 / Fiancee
Melissa Williams M. 3 / Mother / Allegra / Maria / Victim 4 / Interviewer / Woman 2 / Fiancee

Creative Team

Suzanne Khuri Creator
Ann-Marie MacDonald Creator
Banuta Rubess Creator
Maureen White Creator
Chelsea Dab Hilke Director
Elizabeth Kantor Production Designer
Joseph Patrick Lighting Designer
Jeremy Hutton Sound Designer
Grace Smith Assistant Director
Shakir Haq Design Assistant


Jeremy Hutton Video Programmer
Jackie McClelland Property Master
Amanda Cho Stage Manager
Lanndis De Lallo Props Assistant
Tyentyen Chen Assistant Stage Manager
Mary Hong Assistant Stage Manager
Darja Pilipovic Assistant Stage Manager
Maheyer S. Shroff Lighting Board Operator
Elisa D’Arcangelo Sound Operator
Carina Newton Sound Operator
Lucy McPhee Video Operator
Kim Hill-Tout Production Assistant
Deborah Lim Production Assistant
Jayden Schneider Production Assistant
Maliha Manahil Syeda Production Assistant
Jayden Hsueh Assistant Technical Director
Scott Gorman Carpenter