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Three Men in a Boat ()

Produced by

Guild Festival Theatre

Playwright: Mark Brownell
Director: Sue Miner


Guild Festival Theatre


July 27th, 2023 – August 13th, 2023


Three Men in a Boat follows the misadventures of three friends – Jay, Harris, and George (and their beloved dog, Montmorency) – as they embark on what should be a relaxing boating expedition along the River Thames.

From battling over-packed hampers to struggling with troublesome weather, their journey becomes a rollercoaster of laughter and chaos. Filled with witty banter, clever observations, and ridiculous mishaps, Brownell & Miner offer a new vision of Jerome K. Jerome’s Victorian satire that proves that sometimes the best way to navigate life is to simply embrace the absurdity. (


Jack Copland Harris
Azeem Nathoo Jay
Suchiththa Wickremesooriya George

Creative Team

Mark Brownell Playwright
Sue Miner Director
J. Rigzin Tute Music Director
Ina Kerklaan Production Designer


Bronwyn Keough Stage Manager
J. Rigzin Tute Music Arrangements
Bryan Kling Production Manager
Adam Wallters Technical Director
Claire Hinton Props Assistant
Claire Hinton Wardrobe Assistant
Phillip Trajcevski Props Assistant
Phillip Trajcevski Wardrobe Assistant
Ho Tung Chung Production Assistant
Elisia Evans Production Assistant
Juliet Spizzirri Production Assistant