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Titus Andronicus ()

Produced by

Hart House Theatre

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: James Wallis


Hart House Theatre


March 2nd, 2018 – March 10th, 2018


idely thought of as Shakespeare’s bloodiest tragedy, Titus Andronicus takes us down into the depths of humanity’s most vile traits and revels in the horrors contained therein. It tells the story of a Roman general, returned from a terrible war, who becomes embroiled in a circle of bloody revenge with his enemies. Titus Andronicus teaches us the fruitless nature of revenge and the hollow satisfaction of twisted justice. (


Tristan Claxton Saturninus
Megan Miles Bassianus
David Mackett Titus Andronicus
Annie Clarke Marcus Andronicus
Laura Meadows Aemilius / Nurse
Dylan Evans Lucius
Nathaniel Kinghan Quintus
Melanie Leon Martia
Theodor Iordache Mutius / Caius
Bailey Green Lavinia
Laura Darby Young Lucius / Clown
Meghan Fowler Publius / Alarbus
Ezera Beyene Sempronius
Shalyn McFaul Tamora
Felix Beauchamp Demetrius
Thomas Nyhuus Chiron
Shawn Lall Aaron the Moor
Cassidy Sadler Severita

Creative Team

William Shakespeare Playwright
James Wallis Director
Holly Meyer-Dymny Set Designer
Melissa Joakim Lighting Designer
Tim Lindsay Sound Designer
Deidre Appelbohm Makeup Design
Nate Bitton Fight Choreographer
Nate Bitton Associate Director
Max Fearon Assistant Director


Kathleen Hemsworth Stage Manager
Jennifer Jakob Head of Wardrobe
Stephanie Venerus Head of Properties
Kira Duff Head Painter
Julia Nish-Lapidus Text Coach
Siobhan Richardson Stage Intimacy Consultant
Paul Nunez Assistant Stage Manager
Caroline Shim Assistant Stage Manager
Mayank Wankhede Assistant Stage Manager
Scott Gorman Production Photography
Shadi Rezkhah Production Crew
Yunya Wang Production Crew
Tara Costello Running Crew
Christy Feng Running Crew
Rose Guerrero Running Crew
Jayden Hsueh Running Crew
Zafrin Islam Running Crew
Lagan Maheshwari Running Crew
Megan Parsons Running Crew
Vaidehi Perinkulam Viswanath Running Crew
Dora Skenderi Running Crew
Niki Yang Running Crew
Uldana Zhangirova Running Crew


Brian Campbell Technical Director
Brian Campbell Production Manager
Jeremy Hutton Interim Production Manager
Tim Davidson House Technician
Parker Nowlan Lighting Technician
Scott Gorman Resident Carpenter
Rachel Liness Technical Intern