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Waiting for Godot ()

Produced by

Modern Times Stage Company

Playwright: Samuel Beckett
Director: Soheil Parsa


The Michael Young Theatre


March 5th, 2008 – March 22nd, 2008


Capturing the elusive balance of comedy and tragedy in the iconic duo of Vladimir and Estragon, this visually evocative interpretation will surprise Beckett fans and fascinate new audiences. (


Peter Farbridge Vladimir
Peter Batakliev Estragon
Stewart Arnott Pozzo
John Ng Lucky
Darrel Gamotin Boy

Creative Team

Samuel Beckett Playwright
Soheil Parsa Director
Thomas Morgan Jones Assistant Director
Trevor Schwellnus Set Designer
Andrea Lundy Lighting Designer
Angela Thomas Costume Designer


Lindi G. Papoff Stage Manager
Doug Morum Production Manager
Thomas Morgan Jones Movement Coach
Guy Bertrand Photographer
Sue Balint Graphic Designer
Lindsay Anne Black Scenic Artist
Kevin Steeper Scenic Carpenter


G. Stuart Baulch House Technician
Jason Browning House Technician
Pascale Thibodeau House Technician