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Wake for Lost Time ()

Produced by

[elephants] Collective

Presented by

Hub 14

Creators: Donna Marie Baratta and Nicole de Angelis and Jennie Egerdie and Jenna Harris and Thomas McKechnie and Montgomery Martin and Kevin Rees and Michael Reinhart and Katie Sly


Hub 14


November 15th, 2014 – November 16th, 2014


A Wake for Lost Time is a non-stop, 24 hour, immersive, interactive and interdisciplinary performance experiment that ritually explores how time passes through bodies. ([elephants] Collective)


Donna Marie Baratta Performer
Jennie Egerdie Performer
Jenna Harris Performer
Thomas McKechnie Performer
Kevin Rees Performer
Michael Reinhart Performer
Katie Sly Performer

Creative Team

Donna Marie Baratta Creator
Nicole de Angelis Creator
Jennie Egerdie Creator
Jenna Harris Creator
Thomas McKechnie Creator
Montgomery Martin Creator
Kevin Rees Creator
Michael Reinhart Creator
Katie Sly Creator
Montgomery Martin Lighting Designer
Montgomery Martin Projection Designer


Nicole de Angelis Stage Manager