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Jenna Harris

Administrative Assistant, Associate Producer, Creator, Performer, Playwright, Producer, Production Manager

Apprentice Production Manager

We Are Not Alone () Apprentice Production Manager

Associate Producer

Indecent () Associate Producer
Sweat () Associate Producer
My Night With Reg () Associate Producer


there/GONE () Creator
Wake for Lost Time () Creator


Lela & Co. () Performer
This is Where We Live () Chloe
there/GONE () Performer
Mine () Woman B
Wake for Lost Time () Performer
Fear and Desire (and the whole damn thing) () Performer
Tick () Dawn / Mom / J.K. Rowling


Mine () Playwright


Universal Child Care () Producer
THE BIG HOUSE () Producer
Mixie and the Halfbreeds () Producer


Studio 180 Theatre Associate Producer
Studio 180 Theatre Administrative Assistant