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We Will Rock You ()

Produced by

Mirvish Productions

Director: Ben Elton
Book: Ben Elton
Lyrics: Queen
Music: Queen


CAA Theatre


July 16th, 2008 – June 28th, 2009


Set 300 years in the future, in a time when live music is banned on earth, We Will Rock You is about the rebellious kids, fighting against the all-powerful Globalsoft Corporation that controls their lives and feeds them a diet of synthesized pop.  Could the young Galileo and Scaramouche be the heroes needed who will help them “break free” of their chains to rediscover themselves and live music?  (


Jack Langeduk Pop
Adam Brazier Khashoggi
Yvan Pedneault Galileo
Erica Peck Scaramouche
Alana Bridgewater Killer Queen
Sterling Jarvis Duff
Valerie Stanois Oz
Danny Balkwill Burton / Understudy for Galileo
Breanna Arrigo Ensemble / Understudy for Scaramouche & Oz
Jordan Cable Ensemble / Understudy for Duff
Peter Deiwick Ensemble / Understudy for Galileo & Khashoggi
Brittany Gray Ensemble
Kristen Sehn Ensemble
Scott Walters Ensemble / Understudy for Khashoggi & Pop
Cleopatra Williams Ensemble / Head Teacher / Understudy for Killer Queen
Kelly Fletcher Swing / Understudy for Teacher
Darren Voros Swing / Understudy for Burton & Pop

Creative Team

Ben Elton Director
Ben Elton Book
Willie Williams Lighting Designer
Arlene Phillips Choreographer
Arlene Phillips Musical Staging
Bobby Aitken Sound Designer
Tim Goodchild Costume Designer
Mark Fisher Video Director
Willie Williams Video Director
Tracey Flye Associate Director
Jason Jestadt Music Director
David Patridge Associate Sound Designer
Errol Reinart Associate Lighting Designer
Christopher Renshaw Original West End Production Director


Queen Lyrics
Queen Music
Jason Jestadt Conductor
Jason Jestadt Keyboards
Ray Parker Keyboards 2
Ray Parker Associate Conductor
Tristan Avakian Guitar 1
Bob Wegner Guitar 2
Mike Pellarin Bass
Sean Kilbride Drums
Nick Coulter Percussion
Steve Sidwell Orchestrations
Ray Parker Rehearsal Pianist
Diane Leah Rehearsal Pianist


Mark Fisher Production Designer
Rick Whitelaw Music Contractor
Roger Taylor Global Music Supervisor
Brian May Global Music Supervisor
Brian Sewell Executive Producer
Jim Beach QUEEN Management
David Mucci General Manager
Scot Whitham Head of Production
Stephanie Gorin Casting
Darragh Parsons Production Stage Manager
Mike Deschambeault Stage Manager
Carolyn Mykytyshyn Apprentice Stage Manager
Kelly Fletcher Dance Captain
Darren Voros Assistant Dance Captain
David Mirvish Producer
Chris Prideaux Production Manager
Nathan Giles Production Coordinator
Patti McCabe Production Assistant
Mike Puhacz Production Carpenter
Kevin Dixon Production Automation
John Still Production Electrician
Bob Shindle Production Sound
Al Martin Production Video Technician
Wayne Thomas Production Costume Supervisor
Fina Kahn Wigs
Fina Kahn Wig, Hair & Makeup Supervisor
Isaac Gryphon Wig, Hair & Makeup Associate
Karen Williams Casting Associate
Kathleen Howell Casting Associate
Misha Rasaiah Casting Assistant
Phil McIntyre Producer
Paul Roberts Producer
Linda Intaschi Associate Producer
Rachael Mirvish Associate Producer
Sarah Sisko General Management Associate
Charles Chu Senior Company Manager
Grace Tadgell Assistant Company Manager
Jenna-Lee Leger Assistant Company Manager


Mark Lavaway General Manager
Daniel Graham Head Carpenter
Janice Fraser Head Electrician
Frank Erhardt Head of Automation
Wade Sheedy Head of Sound
Paul Steinsland Maintenance Manager