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What Mama Said About “Down There” ()

Produced by

Global Women Intact

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Sia Amma
Directors: Sia Amma and Julia McNeal


The Robert Gill Theatre


July 3rd, 2014 – July 12th, 2014


What Mama Said about “Down There,” is a hilariously entertaining and educational show suitable for ages 18 and up. Filled with amusing bits and pieces of information, it makes a great and incredibly cheap night out for lovers and for a girl’s night out. You will hear all kinds of surprising stuff such as what other countries called “down there.” (Toronto Fringe Program, 2014


Sia Amma Performer

Creative Team

Sia Amma Playwright
Sia Amma Director
Julia McNeal Director


Teo Balcu Venue Technician
Paul Stoesser Festival Lighting Designer
Vanita Butrsingkorn Venue Technician