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When You Close Your Eyes ()

Produced by

Makeshift Company

Writer: Jessa Richer
Composer: Jessa Richer
Director: Ally Chozik


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


June 12th, 2024 – June 17th, 2024


Set in a nightmarish small town, When You Close Your Eyes follows a vulnerable group of young women dying to tie new strings. As they struggle to squeeze what they think they want out of life, the evil is revealed, and worlds turn upside down in a cacophony of dreams, screaming, purring, and betrayal. (


Callan Forrester Grandmother / Mother
Jameson Mosher Will
Julia Schwartz Delaney
Azaria Shams Maeve
Josie Smith Vera
Erin Jennelle Teodoro Esther
Emma Woodside Charlotte

Creative Team

Jessa Richer Writer
Jessa Richer Composer
Ally Chozik Director
Ally Chozik Dramaturge
Jessa Richer Music Director
Jessa Richer Arrangements
Meghan Caine Choreographer
Rebecca Lashmar Intimacy Director
Jason Kokkovas Additional Orchestrations
Jo Natalie Lighting Designer
Nat Zablah Sound Designer
Levi Albert Grandmother's Headpiece Design


Kaela Saito Stage Manager
Zev Levy Assistant Stage Manager
Hailey Tan Technical Director
Levi Albert Grandmother's Headpiece Creation
Ally Chozik Costume Coordinator
Jessa Richer Costume Coordinator
Ally Chozik Props
Hailey Tan Props
Zev Levy Props
Ally Chozik Line Producer