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Who You Callin Black Eh? ()

Produced by

RJ DEverell Productions

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Rita Shelton Deverell
Director: Clara McBride


Factory Studio Theatre


July 4th, 2019 – July 14th, 2019


Enter Our Heroine’s bi-racial, multi-racial, post-racial Eh? world of 2019.
Who You Callin Black Eh? is a coming of age play set in Canada’s largest, most multicultural, multilingual city, that is not about sexuality, but is about colour.
Wherever Our Heroine goes, whatever she does, with whomever she relates, she is not Black Enough or White Enough to find her people. Shadism causes her to be shunned. (


Jessica Bowmer Performer
Brendan Chandler Performer
Chattrisse Dolabaille Performer
Jason Pilgrim Performer
Iliana Spirakis Performer

Creative Team

Rita Shelton Deverell Playwright
Clara McBride Director
Jim Plaxton Lighting Designer
Clara McBride Mask Design
Clayton Batson Assistant Director


Osaze Dolabaille Musician


Clayton Batson Stage Manager
Rita Shelton Deverell Producer
Rita Shelton Deverell Poster Design
Clara McBride Mask Maker