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Wit in Love

Wit in Love – A Performance Installation ()

Produced by

DNA Theatre

Creator: Hillar Liitoja
Author: Sky Gilbert and Hillar Liitoja
Directors: Hillar Liitoja and Magdalena Vasko


DNA Theatre


December 2nd, 2009 – September 13th, 2009


What would the theatre season be without a show performed in a house kitchen, with women’s panties hanging overhead, an exposed stovetop gas flame and a character who throws corks at you? Wit In Love is described as a performance installation based on one chapter of Sky Gilbert’s novella about the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. (, 2009).


Hillar Liitoja Performer

Creative Team

Hillar Liitoja Conception
Sky Gilbert Text
Hillar Liitoja Text Editing
Hillar Liitoja Director
Magdalena Vasko Director
Hillar Liitoja Designer
Magdalena Vasko Designer
John Delacourt Dramaturge


Magdalena Vasko Dea ex Machina
Manuela Buechting Stage Manager
Gord Peck Production Manager
Seth Turack Production Assistant
Kevin Winson Production Assistant
Alex Naylor Production Assistant
Magdalena Vasko Photographer