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Saint Luke’s United Church – The Parlour Room


353 Sherbourne Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 2S3

This church was known as Sherbourne Street Methodist when it opened for worship 5 June 1887. Designed by architects Langley and Burke it replaced a smaller house of worship built here in 1871. The handsome stonework and fine stained glass are of special note. Memorial windows bear the names of Sir Joseph Flavelle Sir Albert Kemp H. H. Fudger and Richard Brown who along with many other prominent Toronto businessmen were active members of the congregation. Their philanthropy and participation in social programs began a community-minded tradition that has continued through the years. In 1959 Sherbourne and Carlton United joined to form Saint Luke’s United Church. Toronto Historical Board 1987


Recent and Upcoming Productions

Omnium Gatherum September 13th, 2017 – September 23rd, 2017
Birth of Frankenstein October 22nd, 2013 – November 3rd, 2013