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A Hand of Bridge ()

Produced by

Soup Can Theatre

Composer: Samuel Barber
Librettist: Gian Carlo Menotti
Director: Pratik Gandhi

Presented as part of double bill with No Exit


Ernest Balmer Studio


March 27th, 2013 – March 30th, 2013


Set in the midst of a game of bridge being played by two emotionally-strained, upper middle-class couples, A Hand of Bridge weaves together quintessential operatic themes, such as jealousy, envy, and unrequited love, with unexpected and unapologetically intimate topics (for the time), such as marital infidelity and bisexuality. (Show Press Release)


Alvaro Vazquez Robles Bill
Keith O’Brien David
Shilpa Sharma Sally
Taylor Strande Geraldine

Creative Team

Samuel Barber Composer
Gian Carlo Menotti Librettist
Pratik Gandhi Director
Pratik Gandhi Musical Director
Randy Lee Lighting Designer


Pratik Gandhi Conductor
Laura Bolt Flute
Joanna Shuster Oboe
Katie Arnup Clarinet
Elena Cimolai Bassoon
Erika Schengili-Roberts Trumpet
Suzan Kim Piano
Justin Han Percussion
Kevin Wong Violin
Lindsay Naft Violin
Daniela Gassi Viola
Kevin Belvedere Viola
Cory Latkovich Cello
Danielle Weber-Adrian Cello
Liam Gallagher Bass


Katherine Belyea Stage Manager
Sare Thorpe Co-Producer
Justin Haigh Co-Producer
Nick MacInnes Co-Producer
Scott Dermody Executive Producer