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A Summer’s Day ()

Produced by

Play Inc.

Playwright: Jon Fosse
Director: Cynthia Ashperger


Alley Theatre Workshop


October 12th, 2009 – November 7th, 2009


In A Summer’s Day, written in 1999, Fosse’s truly original voice is revealed through a deceptively simple and poetical text.

A Summer’s Day is set in an isolated old house against the dramatic backdrop of the Norwegian Fjords, taking us back to a pivotal moment in the time of a couple’s life and spins a haunting story told from two different points of view. Drifting from present to past, from memory to reality, Fosse’s rich and poetic language is haunting and truthful playing with themes of love and attachment, light and darkness, and time and space. Reminding us of all the things we’ve lost and all the things we long for. (


Cynthia Ashperger Elderly Woman / Young Woman
Lara Arabian Elderly Friend / Young Friend
Dylan Scott Smith Asle
Michael Kash Husband

Creative Team

Jon Fosse Playwright
Cynthia Ashperger Director
Brandy Leary Choreographer
Brandy Leary Dramaturge
Louis Muizner Translator
Emir Geljo Set Designer
Alex Gilbert Costume Designer
Dale Yim Sound Designer
Michael Bergmann Lighting Designer
Dajana Sofic Assistant Set Designer


Cynthia Ashperger Producer
Ellen Hurley Assistant Producer
Austin Cole Stage Manager
Owen Walker Head Carpenter
Owen Walker Graphic Designer