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Acis and Galatea ()

Produced by

Opera Atelier

Composer: George Frideric Handel
Librettist: John Gay
Director: Marshall Pynkoski


Elgin Theatre


October 30th, 2010 – November 7th, 2010


Based on Ovid’s tale of the water nymph Galatea and her doomed love for the Arcadian shepherd Acis, Acis and Galatea is one of Handel’s best loved works, and considered the pinnacle of 18th century pastoral theatre.  The opera weaves together a story of startling sensuality and humour blended with moments of heartrending poignancy – all told through some of Handel’s most sublime music for singing and dancing. (


Lawrence Wiliford Damon, a spirit
Thomas Macleay Acis, a shepherd
Mireille Asselin Galatea, a nereid
Joao Fernandes Polyphemus, a Monster
Julian Botnarenko Dancer
Nicholas Pelletier Dancer
Aarik Wells Dancer
Brenda Enns Soprano
Francine Labelle Soprano
Carrie Loring Soprano
Tannis Sprott Soprano
Susan Suchard Soprano
Jared Sullivan Supernumerary
Nicholas Sullivan Supernumerary
Kate Helsen Alto
Valeria Kondrashov Alto
Peter Mahon Alto
Richard Whittall Alto
Charles Davidson Tenor I
Cian Horrobin Tenor I
Cory Knight Tenor I
Paul Jeffrey Tenor II
Will Johnson Tenor II
Mark Russom Tenor II
Keith Lam Bass
Craig Morash Bass
Paul Oros Bass
John Pepper Bass
Jeremy Nasmith Dancer
Tyler Gledhill Dancer
Julianne Hobby Dancer
Jennifer Nichols Dancer
Jack Rennie Dancer
Julia Sedwick Dancer
Cynthia Smithers Dancer
Magdalena Vasko Dancer
Jeanette Lajeunesse-Zingg Dancer

Creative Team

George Frideric Handel Composer
John Gay Librettist
Marshall Pynkoski Director
Barbara Szablowski Makeup Design
Jeanne Lamon Music Director
Gerard Gauci Set Designer
Gerard Gauci Costume Designer
Kevin Fraser Lighting Designer
Ivars Taurins Choir Director
Jeanette Lajeunesse-Zingg Choreographer


David Fallis Conductor
Vicki St. Pierre Assistant Conductor
Christopher Verrette Violin I
Patricia Ahern Violin I
Thomas Georgi Violin I
Stephen Marvin Violin I
Cristina Zacharias Violin I
Geneviève Gilardeau Violin II
Edwin Huizinga Violin II
Elyssa Lefurgey-Smith Violin II
Elizabeth Loewen Andrews Violin II
Margaret Gay Violoncello
Felix Deak Violoncello
Kate Haynes Violoncello
Alison MacKay Double Bass
Alison Melville Recorder
John Abberger Recorder
Marco Cera Oboe
John Abberger Oboe
Dominic Teresi Bassoon
Lucas Harris Lute
Charlotte Nediger Harpsichord


Kate Porter Stage Manager
Nan Shepherd Assistant Stage Manager
Joanna Barrotta Assistant Stage Manager
Jeff Churchill Cobbler
Evelyn Campbell Production Manager
Lise St. Germain Wardrobe Coordinator
Katie White Apprentice Stage Manager
Michael Legouffe Head of Wardrobe
Anita O’Toole Costume Dying / Painting
Kelly Palmer Scenic Drop Studios
Elizabeth Bailey Scenic Drop Studios
Richard Mongiat Scenic Drop Studios
Jacqueline Robertson-Cull Wig Head
Bruce Zinger Resident Photographer
John Kerr Videographer
Jeremy Nasmith Video Editor
Gunta Dreifelds SurtitleTM Producer
James Bourne Repetiteur
Ben Cruchley Repetiteur


Dana Johnston Production Manager
Grant Hawkins Production Assistant
Derek Dresser Operations Manager