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Antigone ()

Produced by

Soup Can Theatre

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Sophocles
Director: Scott Dermody


The Randolph Theatre


July 4th, 2012 – July 15th, 2012


A visceral and physical adaptation of Sophocles’ legendary tragedy Antigone that ties ancient Greece and modern-day Toronto together by drawing inspiration from the searing images of the 2010 G20 Summit protests, as well as the worldwide ‘Occupy’ movement. (Show Press Release)


Cydney Penner Antigone
Thomas Gough Creon
Glyn Bowerman Haemon
Leah Holder Ismene
Kathryn Malek Eurydice
Michael McLeister Tiresias
John Chou Messenger
Adriana Crivici Chorus
Daniel Kim Chorus
Heather Motut Chorus
Chloe Payne Sentry / Messenger
Aaron Rothermund Chorus

Creative Team

Sophocles Playwright
Scott Dermody Director
Courtney Cathers Set Designer
Morgan-Leigh Hearty Costume Designer
Morgan-Leigh Hearty Prop Designer
Randy Lee Lighting Designer
Mike Rocha Sound Designer


Alice Ferreyra Stage Manager
Gabriel Nylund Assistant Stage Manager
Leslie Thorpe-Dermody Assistant Stage Manager
Justin Haigh Co-Producer
Sare Thorpe Co-Producer
Justin Haigh Publicist
Justin Haigh Graphic Designer
Justin Haigh Web Designer