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Basso Ostinato ()

Produced by

Company Caterina & Carlotta SAGNA

Presented by

Canadian Stage

Choreographer: Caterine Sagna
Playwright: Roberto Fratini Serafide


The Berkeley Street Theatre – Marilyn and Charles Baillie Theatre


March 22nd, 2011 – March 26th, 2011


Following an evening meal, three men converse with words, fragments, and gestures in this criticism of contemporary human efforts to mask decay and death under virtuosic form. (


Alessandro Bernardeschi Performer
Antonio Montanile Performer
Davide Sportelli Performer

Creative Team

Caterine Sagna Choreographer
Roberto Fratini Serafide Playwright
Philippe Gladieux Lighting Designer


Luca Berni Music Consultant
Sebastien Betous Technical Director
Francesco Papaleo Sound Manager
Gunta Dreifelds Surtitles
Nico James-Boch Translator
Claire Calnan Festival Associate
David Abel Managing Director
Alistair Hepburn Director of Operations
Alistair Hepburn Director of Production
Mary Spyrakis Head of Properties
Douglas Arculus Operations Manager
Timothy Wisener Company Manager
Kate Ann Vandermeer Production Coordinator
Katie Horrill Props Builder
Megan Paquette Apprentice Production Manager
Alex Vass Student Properties Intern
Natalie Ireland Production Manager


Chris Carlton Technical Director
Eric Meadows Senior Head Technician
Colin Benoit Head Technician
Fazia Ali Junior Head Technician