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Bent ()

Produced by

Hart House Theatre

Playwright: Martin Sherman
Director: Carter West


Hart House Theatre


March 1st, 2013 – March 9th, 2013


Bent /bent/: adjective. A derogatory term used in some European countries to refer to homosexuals. This ground-breaking play created awareness at a time when there was little historical research or broad knowledge regarding the Nazi persecution of homosexuals and the significance of the pink triangle. The success of the play and its strength as a story earned Bent nominations for both a Pulitzer and a Tony Award. To this day, Bent remains one of the finest pieces of theatre about tolerance, the endurance of love and the necessity of human dignity. (


Jad Farris Horst
Liam Volke Max
Jordan Gray Rudy
Peter Higginson Uncle Freddie
Ryan G. Hinds Greta
Nathaniel Bacon Wolf
Thomas Gough Nazi Captain
Edward Karek Nazi Officer

Creative Team

Martin Sherman Playwright
Carter West Director
Dominic Manca Set Designer
Dominic Manca Lighting Designer
Ming Wong Costume Designer
Jeremy Hutton Sound Designer
Jeremy Hutton Fight Director
Susan Bond Dramaturge
Lingesh Waren Assistant Director
Sylvia Farr Assistant Designer
Larissa Palaszczuk Make-up Consultant


Jackie McClelland Properties
Tali Anzel-Sivkin Stage Manager
Jeremy Loughton Assistant Stage Manager
Spencer MacEachern Production Assistant
Scott Gorman Carpenter
Reg Matson Lighting Board Operator
Annie Parkinson Painter


Doug Floyd General Manager
Jeremy Hutton Artistic Director
Brian Campbell Technical Director
Christopher Hains House Technician