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Betroffenheit ()

Produced by

Electric Company Theatre and Kidd Pivot

Presented by

Canadian Stage

Playwright: Jonathon Young
Director: Crystal Pite
Choreographer: Crystal Pite
Co-Creators: Jonathon Young and Crystal Pite


Bluma Appel Theatre


July 23rd, 2015 – July 25th, 2015


A state of shock and bewilderment encompasses you in the wake of a disaster. It is a timeless, liminal space where you return again and again even while struggling to gain and maintain distance, repeatedly responding to the disaster long after it has subsided. Here, a crisis-management team is keeping your emergency situation alive and present, a trusted voice is urging you to come to terms with the past, and a steady supply of “The Show” is available for all the distraction, escape and pleasure you might crave. In one sense, you are the survivor and this is your refuge. In another, you’re the disaster waiting to happen. (


Bryan Arias Performer
Tiffany Tregarthen Performer
David Raymond Performer
Cindy Salgado Performer
Jermaine Spivey Performer
Jonathon Young Performer

Creative Team

Jonathon Young Playwright
Crystal Pite Director
Crystal Pite Choreographer
Jonathon Young Co-Creator
Crystal Pite Co-Creator
Jay Gower Taylor Set Designer
Tom Visser Lighting Designer
Nancy Bryant Costume Designer
Eric Beauchesne Rehearsal Director
Owen Belton Sound Designer
Alessandro Juliani Sound Designer
Meg Roe Sound Designer
Bryan Arias Salsa
Cindy Salgado Salsa
David Raymond Tap


Owen Belton Composer
Alessandro Juliani Composer
Meg Roe Composer


Patrick Spavor Scenic Painter
Daniel Dumitriu Scenic Painter
Heidi Wilkinson Puppet Design
Omanie Elias Puppet Design
Nicola Ryall Costume Assistant
Nicola Ryall Stitcher/Builder
Linda Chow Cutter
Patrice Yapp Stitcher/Builder
Jeremy Collie-Holmes Production Manager
Jeremy Collie-Holmes Technical Director
Eric Chad Technician
Jan Hodgson Stage Manager


R. Allan Ross Director of Production
Jasmine Knox Assistant Production Manager
Billy Wolf Assistant Technical Director
Mary Spyrakis Head of Properties
Danny Tran Metcalfe Foundation Props Intern
Ilana Harendorf Head of Wardrobe
Mike Souliere Operations Manager
Jay Blencowe Senior Head Technician
Cecilia Waszczuk Head Technician
Monica Sass Junior Head Technician
Susan Batchelor Wardrobe Mistress