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Big Love ()

Produced by

Randolph Entertainment

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Charles Mee
Director: Zack Russell


The Annex Theatre


July 1st, 2015 – July 12th, 2015


It’s the wedding of the year… or is it? In this modern take on Aeschylus’ The Suppliants, 50 brides flee their 50 grooms and seek refuge in Italy. But the grooms aren’t far behind. Mayhem ensues in this riotous explosion of love, blood, and wedding cake. It’s ancient Greek pathos served with a pop-song playlist in the ultimate battle of the sexes. (


Brittany Banks Eleanor (July 1,6,8,12) / Bride
Rayna Burchell Giula (July 3,7,10) / Bride (July 1,6,8,12)
Rosie Callaghan Olympia (July 1,6,8,12) / Bride (July 3,7,10)
Rashaana Cumberbatch Lydia (July 3,7,10) / Bride (July 1,6,8,12)
Élodie Dorsel Eleanor (July,3,7,10) / Bride
Kayla Gerber Thyona (July 1,6,8,12) / Bride (July 3,7,10)
Cindy Goh Olympia (July 3,7,10) / Bride (July 1,6,8,12)
Ryota Kaneko Giuliano
Matt Lacas Piero
JaeMoon Lee Nikos
Emily Nash Bella (July 3,7,10) / Bride
Tala Nazzal Bella (July 1,6,8,12) / Bride (July 3,7,10)
Danielle Oswald Leo (July 1,6,8,12) / Bride
Sofia Rodriguez Lydia (July 1,6,8,12) / Bride (July 3,7,10)
Greg Rola Oed
Danielle Sparrow Giulia (July 1,6,8,12) / Bride (July 3,7,10)
Andrew Stuetz Constantine
Shannon Tosic-McNally Thyona (July 3,7,10) Bride (July 1,6,8,12)

Creative Team

Charles Mee Playwright
Zack Russell Director
Hanna Puley Costume Designer
Hanna Puley Set Designer
Hanna Puley Prop Designer
Kaileigh Krysztofiak Lighting Designer
Lisa Auguste Choreographer
Roxanne Ignatius Set Decorator
Brittany Banks Musical Director
JaeMoon Lee Musical Director


Kaitlin Cheel Stage Manager
George Randolph Executive Producer
Darlene Spencer Producer
Charles McWilliam Technical Director
LJ Nelles Voice and Text Coach
Melinda Little Movement Coach
Elise Taylor Wardrobe Assistant
Emily Nash Wardrobe Assistant
Tala Nazzal Wardrobe Assistant
Rosie Callaghan Assistant Stage Manager
Sofia Rodriguez Assistant Stage Manager
Danielle Sparrow Assistant Stage Manager
Matt Lacas Stage Combat Director
Rashaana Cumberbatch Assistant Props Managers
Andrew Stuetz Assistant Props Manager
Ryota Kaneko Set Assistant
Kayla Gerber Hair and Makeup
Élodie Dorsel Hair and Makeup
Delaney Jane Hair and Makeup
Rayna Burchell Wedding Cake
Cindy Goh Fight Captain
Danielle Oswald Dance Captain
Greg Rola Dance Captain


Colin Harris Venue Technician
Clint Bouwman Venue Technician
Simon Rossiter Festival Lighting Designer