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Bloodless: The Trial of Burke and Hare ()

Produced by

Theatre 20

Presented by

Mirvish Productions

Director: Adam Brazier
Book: Joseph Aragon
Lyricist: Joseph Aragon
Music: Joseph Aragon


CAA Theatre


October 9th, 2012 – October 28th, 2012


A wickedly entertaining musical spectacle and award-winning fringe festival hit, the show recounts the historical case of two 19th century Irish serial killers who go into business selling corpses to medical anatomy schools. This raucous, eerie tale of deceit, murder and mayhem is told in memorable song, macabre humour, and compelling lyrics. (


Evan Buliung William Burke
Eddie Glen William Hare
Jan Alexandra Smith Helen McDougal, Burke's common-law wife
Trish Lindström Margaret Hare, Hare's wife
Carly Street Janet Brown, a prostite
Kaylee Harwood Mary Paterson, a prostitute, Janet's best friend / Peggy
David W. Keeley Dr. Robert Knox, a distinguished anatomy lecturer
Jeff Irving Thomas Wharton Jones, a medical student
Donnie Macphee William Fergusson, a medical student / Understudy for William Burke
Sweeney MacArthur Sir William Rae, Lord Advocate
Laura Jean Elligsen Abigail Simpson, a lodger / Ensemble / Understudy for Janet Brown
Jonathan Logan Ensemble / Understudy for Thomas Wharton Jones
Amir Haidar Ensemble / Understudy for Dr. Robert Knox and Sir William Rae
Glen Mills Ensemble / Understudy for William Hare and William Fergusson

Creative Team

Adam Brazier Director
Joseph Aragon Book
Joseph Aragon Lyricist
Joseph Aragon Music
Jason Jestadt Orchestrations
Jason Jestadt Musical Director
Linda Garneau Associate Director
Beth Kates Set Designer
Melanie McNeill Costume Designer
Stephen Ross Lighting Designer
Emily Porter Sound Designer
Addison Brasil Assistant Associate Director
Brandon Kleiman Associate Costume Designer
Monica Sass Assistant Lighting Designer
Alex Vass Prop Designer


Jonathan Craig Viola
Harvey Kogen Clarinet / Flute
Jason Jestadt Piano
Christian Sharpe Basson


Paul Shaw Producing Consultant
Carolyn Mykytyshyn Stage Manager
Wilson Klodt Wong Assistant Stage Manager
Rosie Shaw General Manager
Michael Rubinstein Producer
Colm Wilkinson Creative Consultant


Wade Sheedy Head Technician
Wayne Thomas Head of Wardrobe