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C’mon Angie! ()

Produced by

Leroy Street Theatre and The Spadina Avenue Gang

Playwright: Amy Lee Lavoie
Director: Cristina Cugliandro


The Assembly Theatre


April 12th, 2019 – April 27th, 2019


In the pre-dawn hours following a one-night stand, Angie and Reed spend a fraught morning confronting questions related to intimacy, consent, and sexual assault. As the two characters uncover the truth of what happened the night before, a major gap between their understanding of the situation– and the meaning of consent– is revealed. Told with humour, heart, and unflinching honesty, C’mon Angie! dramatizes a difficult and all-too familiar situation. (


Anne van Leeuwen Angie
Ryan Hollyman Reed

Creative Team

Amy Lee Lavoie Playwright
Cristina Cugliandro Director
Nancy Perrin Set Designer
Nancy Perrin Costume Designer
Tim Lindsay Sound Designer
Chin Palipane Lighting Designer


Marvin Araneta Stage Manager
John Gundy Graphic Designer
John Gundy Accompanist
Alice Lundy Producer
Melissa Wright Producer
Michael Ross Albert Producer
Emma Bulpin Producer