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Daughter of The House

Daughter of the House ()

Produced by

Alumnae Theatre Company

Playwright: Lucy Brennan
Director: Jane Carnwath


Alumnae Mainspace Theatre


April 18th, 2008 – May 3rd, 2008


In 1950’s Dublin, Eileen is torn between her desire to follow her man to Canada and her duty to stay and care for her mother.  There’s no holding back as all members of the family express their views with intensity and humour.  A fascinating exploration of character – with a surprise at the end! (


Adrianna Prosser Eileen MacCarthy
Jason Winther Peter Downey
Liam Doherty Fergus MacCarthy
Maureen Lukie Emma MacCarthy
Derek Perks Dermot MacCarthy
Julie Burris Deirdre MacCarthy
Chris Reid Andrew Hunt
Nonnie Griffin Máire MacCarthy

Creative Team

Lucy Brennan Playwright
Jane Carnwath Director
Marysia Bucholc Set Designer
Paul Hardy Lighting Designer
Rick Jones Sound Designer
Razie Brownstone Costume Designer
Catherine Driscoll Accent Coach


Margot Devlin Stage Manager
Diana Knight Producer
Catherine Driscoll Assistant Producer
Vivien Feirson Assistant Stage Manager
Tina McCulloch Assistant Stage Manager
Andy Rhodes Assistant Stage Manager
Margot Devlin Lighting Board Operator
Kai Fai Ho Sound Operator
Jenni Sager Sound Operator
David Huculak Master Carpenter
Ken Fitzsimmons Set Construction
Charmaine Huculak Set Construction
Dave Huculak Sr. Set Construction
Jamie Mackrell Set Construction
Catherine Uy Set Construction
Jim Whalley Set Construction
Janusz Baraniecki Scenic Painter
Razie Brownstone Scenic Painter
Evan Bucholc Scenic Painter
Joan Burrows Scenic Painter
Joan Cooper Scenic Painter
Margot Devlin Scenic Painter
Cathy McKim Scenic Painter
William Wright Scenic Painter
Brandon Kleiman Props
Tabitha Keast Marketing
Tina McCulloch Marketing
Suzanne Courtney Poster Design
Lucas Fredette Poster Illustration
Suzanne Courtney Webmistress
Joshua Meles Production Photography
Catherine Driscoll Catering


Razie Brownstone Front of House Manager
Mary Wentz Front of House Manager
Julie Erion Reservation Manager
Suzanne Tattersall Bar Manager