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Dead Elephants ()

Produced by

Good Old Neon

Playwright: Alexander Offord
Director: Nicole Wilson


Aki Studio


March 7th, 2024 – March 17th, 2024


Paris, 1870: a pair of French soldiers plot to kill and eat the elephants in the city zoo. St. Thomas, 1885: P.T. Barnum’s famous elephant Jumbo is struck by a train. Coney Island, 1903: an elephant is publicly electrocuted in what becomes the earliest recorded footage of the moment of death. In Dead Elephants, these three stories are braided around the contemporary struggle of a young couple grieving the loss of their infant child. With three performers playing twelve characters across four timelines, Dead Elephants is a virtuosic, harrowing, and poignant meditation on death, mourning, and animals. (


Allan Cooke Performer
Hayden Finkelshtain Performer
Nicole Wilson Performer

Creative Team

Alexander Offord Playwright
Nicole Wilson Director
Nicola Atkinson Assistant Director
Kristofer Van Soelen Set Designer
Nicole Wilson Set Designer
Connor Price-Kelleher Lighting Designer
Alexander Offord Sound Designer


Sarah Brawn Stage Manager
Nicola Atkinson Producer
Sebastian Biasucci Producer
Allan Cooke Producer
Hayden Finkelshtain Producer
Alexander Offord Producer
Nicole Wilson Producer