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Death Meets Harlequin and Other Plays ()

Produced by

Unspoken Theatre Company

Playwrights: Sandra Cardinal and Nina Kaye


Ralph Thornton Community Centre


May 20th, 2016 – May 29th, 2016


 Three new plays by local female writers about love and transformation in a beautiful Leslieville venue. (


Glenda Fairbrother Older Woman ("The Empress") / Sound ("The Red Deer")
Thomas Gough Doctor ("Death Meets Harlequin")
Natalie Kaye Bran ("The Red Deer")
Nina Kaye Death ("Death Meets Harlequin")
Aleksandra Maslennikova Younger Woman ("The Empress") / Sabhe ("The Red Deer")
David Montesdeoca Harlequin ("Death Meets Harlequin")

Creative Team

Sandra Cardinal Playwright ("The Empress")
Nina Kaye Playwright ("The Red Deer" / "Death Meets Harlequin")
Nina Kaye Director ("The Empress" / "Death Meets Harlequin")
Glory Dearling Director ("The Red Deer")


Natalie Kaye Singer
Natalie Yiu Singer
Jordan Trafford Musician