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Unspoken Theatre Company

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Unspoken Theatre Company: Moving forward while looking back

Unspoken Theatre recognizes the lengthy history and cultural span of theatre. We are interested in staging work that embraces and acknowledges this scope. We mount old and new work, and support new play development.



Produced by Unspoken Theatre Company

Kitchen Sink Drama July 4th, 2018 – July 14th, 2018
Death Meets Harlequin July 5th, 2017 – July 16th, 2017
Mood Swings June 29th, 2016 – June 10th, 2016
Death Meets Harlequin and Other Plays May 20th, 2016 – May 29th, 2016
The Tarot Show November 28th, 2015 – December 2nd, 2015
Unspoken May 7th, 2012 – May 13th, 2012