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Kitchen Sink Drama ()

Produced by

Kitchen Sink Productions and Plan A Theatre Company and Unspoken Theatre Company

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwrights: Natalie Kaye and Laurence Braun-Woodbury and Aaliya Alibhai and Nina Kaye


Ralph Thornton Community Centre


July 4th, 2018 – July 14th, 2018


Sample tasty fresh food and brand new bite sized plays at this original site-specific production, Toronto Fringe’s first show in Leslieville! Romance, deceit, regret, lust, grief, humour and a Four Course serving of drama! Four local playwrights have contributed to what will be a rich morsel of theatrical delight.

Set and performed in a kitchen, audience members will try food samples as they watch brand new short plays by award-winning local playwrights. (


Maggie Cheung Performer
Maggie Cook Performer
Andrea Irwin Performer
Kelly Marie McKenna Performer
Mladen Obradović Performer
Naseem Reesha Performer
Jess Wareing Performer
Evan Boutsov Performer

Creative Team

Natalie Kaye Playwright ("Siren")
Laurence Braun-Woodbury Playwright ("Bitter Hearts
Aaliya Alibhai Playwright ("Savour")
Nina Kaye Playwright ("A Trifle")
Natalie Kaye Director ("Siren")
Nina Kaye Director ("Bitter Hearts")
Sandra Cardinal Director ("Savour")
Collette Radau Director ("A Trifle")


Amelia Blaine Stage Manager
Mark Hastings Stage Manager ("Savour")
Isaac Lloyd Associate Producer
Nina Kaye Producer