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Death Meets Harlequin ()

Produced by

Unspoken Theatre Company

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Nina Kaye
Director: Nina Kaye


The George Ignatieff Theatre


July 5th, 2017 – July 16th, 2017


A lively and thoughtful comedy with music for the young at heart. Harlequin is a dreamer who loves chasing butterflies and avoiding chores. His dad is at his wit’s end. Will Harlequin ever learn? (Toronto Fringe Festival program)


Tom Beattie Harlequin
Thomas Gough The Doctor
Aleksandra Maslennikova Death

Creative Team

Nina Kaye Playwright
Nina Kaye Director
Aaliya Alibhai Set Designer
Aaliya Alibhai Lighting Designer
Aaliya Alibhai Assistant Director
Fernando Restituto Choreographer
Paul Babiak Fight Choreographer


Natalie Kaye Producer
Paul Babiak Movement Coach
Paul Babiak Commedia Dell'Arte Consultant