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Unspoken ()

Produced by

Unspoken Theatre Company

Playwright: Nina Kaye
Director: Nina Kaye


Unit 102 Theatre


May 7th, 2012 – May 13th, 2012


The lives of over twenty characters are affected by the pain and joy of love. The play delves into serious themes, including abuse and sexual assault. The story is told in a series of vignettes in which the lives of strangers are connected through music, themes, and the poetry of WB Yeats. (Show Facebook Event)


Drea Burck Cheryl / Professor / Susie / Mildred
Claire Guastavino Emily / Celia / Tina (May 7-11, 2012)
Nina Kaye Emily / Celia / Tina (May 12-13, 2012)
Jsin Sasha Justin / Student / Jerry / Troy / Tyrone
Daniel Kim Mark / Charles / Sam / Steve
Kristen Zaza Barb / Jamie / Karen / Sarah / Medea

Creative Team

Nina Kaye Playwright
Nina Kaye Director


Katherine Belyea Stage Manager
Katherine Belyea Lighting Operator
Natalie Kaye Sound Operator
Nina Kaye Producer