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The Tarot Show ()

Produced by

Unspoken Theatre Company


The Imperial Pub
The Black Swan


November 28th, 2015 – December 2nd, 2015


The Fall
A woman is humbled by a profound love. Poetic, esoteric, haunting.

The Cave
Six eccentric characters travel deep into a cave searching for treasure. A philosophical comedy.

Sing For Your Supper
Women wage epic poetry battles in order to get drunk


Christina Song Performer ("Sing for Your Supper")
Glory Dearling Performer ("Sing for Your Supper")
Claire Guastavino Performer ("Sing for Your Supper")
Caedmon Ricker-Wilson Performer ("The Cave")
Claire Guastavino Performer ("The Cave")
Natalie Kaye Performer ("The Cave")
Robert Notman Performer ("The Cave")
Christina Song Performer ("The Cave")
Thomas Gough Performer ("The Cave")
Aleksandra Maslennikova Performer ("The Fall" - Nov 28, Dec 2)
Nina Kaye Performer ("The Fall" - Nov 29)

Creative Team

Natalie Kaye Playwright ("Sing for Your Supper")
Caedmon Ricker-Wilson Playwright ("The Cave")
Nina Kaye Playwright ("The Fall")
Caedmon Ricker-Wilson Director ("Sing for your Supper")
Glory Dearling Director ("The Cave")
Nina Kaye Director ("The Fall")