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Derrick, Supreme Ruler of the World, and Mister Sock ()

Produced by

Sunny Leo Productions

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Nelson Yu
Directors: Marie-Claude Valiquet and Katie Uhlmann


The Palmerston Public Library Theatre


July 2nd, 2009 – July 11th, 2009


Derrick is an 8 year old with problems. His mother doesn’t like his mouthy friend, Mister Sock. His teachers think he’s a clown. His house is for sale. Joey Wruckler steals his lunch money. And Marlene, the wet spitter, is obsessed with marrying him! ¬†When Derrick gets suspended and fails to pay off Joey, Joey steals Mister Sock. Derrick must return to the horrible place called school – dodging ugly teachers and dopey girls to save his sock buddy – the only one who can talk to his departed father. Everything is resolved in a no-holds-barred RoShamBo competition. A “Diary of a Wimpy kid”-like tale with a crabby babysitter. (


Daniel Cristofori Derrick
Katie Uhlmann Marlene
Josh Holliday Joey / Grandpa / Mr. Harris
Skye Regan Judy / Freddie / Principal Smithson / Andre
Jennifer McDonald Mom / Miss Thatrich / Mr. Krankel

Creative Team

Nelson Yu Playwright
Marie-Claude Valiquet Director
Katie Uhlmann Director
Errol Elumir Music
Nelson Yu Lyrics
Katie Uhlmann Lyrics
Errol Elumir Lyrics
Muriel Pezoa Costumes
Adrienne Ceaser Choreographer
Robertson Holt Sound Effects
Nelson Yu Sound Effects


Marie-Claude Valiquet Stage Manager
Nelson Yu Graphic Designer
Kay Huang Graphic Designer
Marion Kulyk Graphic Designer
Henry Szeto Graphic Designer