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Dracula in a Time of Climate Change ()

Produced by

Blacklist Committee for Unsafe Theatre

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Matt Jones
Director: Matt Jones


The Luella Massey Studio Theatre


July 3rd, 2009 – July 11th, 2009


With rivers rising, ice caps melting and blood becoming ever more toxic, Dracula is faced with a dilemma: if the humans he feeds on go extinct, what happens to vampires? A play about love, bloodsucking, the perils of activism and the end of the world. (


Scott Kettles Dracula
Sibel A. Mina
Cassandra Witteman Lucy
Susanna Jones Renfield
Chastity Castro Jo
Elana Gale Flo / Vampiress / Airport Assistant
Caroline Fournier Radina Klempf
Dan Fox Cop 1 / Radina’s Assistant
Matt Jones Cop 2

Creative Team

Matt Jones Playwright
Matt Jones Director
Arshad Khan Video Sequence Direction, Shooting, and Editing
Matt Jones Composer
David Jones Drawings
Cassandra Witteman Drawings
Adam David Drawings
Aysenil Ataoğul Nightie Design


Corinna Howard Stage Manager
Caroline Fournier Production Manager
Susanna Jones Cast Photography
Corinna Howard Graphic Designer
Adam David Powerpoint Designer
Elana Gale Makeup
Susanna Jones Blood Concoction
Aysenil Ataoğul Nightie Maker
Caroline Fournier Chauffer


Teo Balcu Venue Technician
Meredith Denning Venue Technician