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Exiles ()

Produced by

Sad Ibsen Theatre

Playwright: James Joyce
Director: Ryan Borochovitz


Red Sandcastle Theatre


January 20th, 2016 – January 31st, 2016


Written in 1914, after Joyce’s publication of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and before Ulysses, Exiles is the only surviving play by the renowned Irish novelist. Heavily influenced by his own life as well as Ibsen’s work, the play follows the narrative of two love triangles, and suggests questions about religion, nationalism, love, and identity. Richard and his common-law wife return from nine years of self-imposed exile in Italy, and as they attempt to settle back into life in Ireland, old feelings are reignited. The characters’ attempts at maneuvering these relationships to reach their vastly differing objectives lead to multiple cat and mouse dynamics. (


George Kiriakopulos Richard Rowan
Tiffani Anderson-Davies Bertha Rowan
Benjamin Diamond Coles Robert Hand
Ashley Stevens Beatrice Justice
Tara Schell Archie Rowan
Adriana DeAngelis Brigid

Creative Team

James Joyce Playwright
Ryan Borochovitz Director
Sukaina Ibraheem Assistant Director
Jason Thomson Lighting Designer
Ryan Borochovitz Sound Designer
Deanna Galati Sound Designer
Megan Apa Set Designer
Megan Apa Costume Designer
Megan Apa Prop Designer


Deanna Galati Stage Manager
Wendel Wray Costume Technician
Wendel Wray Makeup/Hair Stylist