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Fail Safe ()

Produced by

Port Moresby Productions

Playwright: Michael Stittle
Director: Michael Stittle

Presented as part of a double bill with We Say Such Terrible Things (2015)


Red Sandcastle Theatre


March 4th, 2015 – March 14th, 2015


A fatal virus sweeps across North America, a disembodied brain cheats death, and a scientist leads her team to build humanity’s ultimate fail-safe. (Show Facebook Event)


Jorie Morrow Elizabeth Benson
Phil Hahn Smith
Jason Thompson Tate
Suzanne Miller Marissa / Scientist
Jack Everett Jones

Creative Team

Michael Stittle Playwright
Michael Stittle Director
Stephen Severn Set Designer
Rion Chow Sound Designer
Jex Opolis Special Sound Effects


Liz Laywine Stage Manager
Diana Campbell Assistant Stage Manager
Alex Latoche Poster Design