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We Say Such Terrible Things ()

Produced by

Port Moresby Productions

Playwright: Bil Antoniou
Director: Bil Antoniou

Presented as part of a double bill with Fail Safe (2015)


Red Sandcastle Theatre


March 4th, 2015 – March 14th, 2015


Arts professor Adam has invited his colleague Donald over for drinks to see if he as an ally in his war against their school’s administration, but Adam’s boyfriend Chris is unable to keep his resentments to himself, and Donald’s boyfriend is a student. Things don’t improve when Benjamin shows up and proves they all say such terrible things. (Show Facebook Event)


Cory Bertrand Adam
Bil Antoniou Chris
Daniel Krolik Benjamin
Jack Everett Elliott
Jason Thompson Donald

Creative Team

Bil Antoniou Playwright
Bil Antoniou Director
Rion Chow Sound Designer
Eric Synnott Fight Consultant


Liz Laywine Stage Manager
Diana Campbell Assistant Stage Manager
Nicole Anast Food
Alex Latoche Poster Design