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Family Story ()

Produced by

Birdtown and Swanville

Playwright: Aurora Stewart de Peña
Director: Aurora Stewart de Peña


Double Double Land


February 1st, 2011 – February 13th, 2011


Family Story is an exploration of why we are the way we are, how we got that way and whether or not there is anybody to blame for our current condition. A larger than life, surreal and colourful series of family portraits, inspired by the work of department store photographers, Polka Dot Door, Little Golden Book illustrations and muppets. It’s 200 years of family history in 100 minutes, complete with mythical beasts, animal puppets and a massive, felt-covered rubik’s cube. (


Lauren Bride Tender Moment / Alandria Oole Floordboard Milkaffer / Thug #3 / Mise-en-Place Carre D'iore Milkaffer / Euphrasia Eugenia Milkaffer
Cara Gee The Countess / Mevrauw Olka Milkaffer / Jukie / Squirelly
Glenn Macaulay Sock-O Milkaffer / Jimmy Milkaffer / Brian Wilson / Doggy / Mr. Womper
Jon McCurley Entrancio de la Cortizone de la Sangua di Oceana / The Servant / Colonius Affadavit Milkaffer / Axle Frosting Folding Milkaffer III / Flipstain / Dennis Wilson / Kingley / Thug #1
Nika Mistruzzi Gentle Rain
Sean O’Neill The Beast / Trout Blazewell / Lorkon Beast / Blam-O / Carl Wilson
Liz Peterson Zipper
Meghan Swaby The Duchess / Peaceful Eagle / Adalberta Beast / Connie / Jib-Jab / Thug #3

Creative Team

Aurora Stewart de Peña Playwright
Aurora Stewart de Peña Director
Erin Alexa Freedman Costume Designer
Bojana Stancic Set Designer
Allie Marshall Prop Designer
Allie Marshall Puppet Design
Julia Lederer Assistant Director


Alia O’Brien Composer


Nika Mistruzzi Producer
Mark Aikman Stage Manager
Giacomo Grisanzio Assistant Producer
Jessica Thomas Assistant Stage Manager