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Birdtown and Swanville

We are a theatre company based in the west end of Toronto.

Our work has been called experimental, collaborative and accessible.

We hope to create plays that are honest, sharp and self aware; also really good.


You look great today.

We like your shoes.




Produced by Birdtown and Swanville

Hot Cuts August 11th, 2018 – August 19th, 2018
Family Story August 8th, 2013 – August 18th, 2013
Dumbo Squid August 10th, 2012 – August 19th, 2012
The Pink Bedroom May 1st, 2012 – May 7th, 2012
I Never Get Dressed Before Dark on Sundays May 1st, 2012 – May 7th, 2012
The Physical Ramifications of Attempted Global Domination August 5th, 2011 – August 14th, 2011
Family Story February 1st, 2011 – February 13th, 2011
36 Little Plays About Hopeless Girls July 1st, 2009 – July 12th, 2009
Things I have Found and How They Got There August 1st, 2008 – August 10th, 2008
36 Little Plays About Hopeless Girls August 21st, 2007 – August 26th, 2007

Presented by Birdtown and Swanville

The Best Plan for Living Happily April 7th, 2016 – April 23rd, 2016