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36 Little Plays About Hopeless Girls ()

Produced by

Birdtown and Swanville

Playwright: Aurora Stewart de Peña
Director: Aurora Stewart de Peña


The Tranzac Club – The Main Hall


August 21st, 2007 – August 26th, 2007


Young women deal with life in a series of one-minute plays. (NOW Magazine)


Cosette Derome Antoinette
Jolene Devoe Jen B.
Sedina Fiati Josephine
Cara Gee Effervescence
Julia Lederer Rotunda
Donna Maloney Glissandra
Laura McCoy Nypha / Soucette / Squeaky
Nika Mistruzzi L'oreal
Monique Moses Jen S. / Voice
Charlotte Powell Prunelda
Stephanie Sinclair Satine
Bonnie Wilson Evangeline

Creative Team

Aurora Stewart de Peña Playwright
Aurora Stewart de Peña Director
Nika Mistruzzi Assistant Director
Stephanie Sinclair Assistant Director
Melissa Neil Costume Designer
Katia de Peña Set Designer
Katia de Peña Prop Designer
Stephanie Sinclair Choreographer
Chris Dupine Dramaturge
Colin Puffer Lighting
Colin Puffer Sound


Elisabeth Westberg Stage Manager
Meghan Brazil Publicity
Elisabeth Westberg Publicity