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Things I have Found and How They Got There ()

Produced by

Birdtown and Swanville

Playwright: Aurora Stewart de Peña
Director: Aurora Stewart de Peña


The Tranzac Club – The Main Hall


August 1st, 2008 – August 10th, 2008


This show traces the paths of objects. (NOW Magazine)


Aurora Stewart de Peña Sharla / Foot Crew
Dave Fish Policeman Jiminey / Lukariah / James Shelley Willkenshire / Foot Crew
Donna Maloney Fly Girl #2 / Lispeth / Foot Crew
Gwyneth Tossel Nypha / Fly Girl #3 / Plebja / Foot Crew
Julia Lederer Penny / Mandy / Foot Crew
Katia de Peña Mrs. Millkafer
Monique Moses Forsythia / Head Fly / Tender Moment
Nika Mistruzzi Crysanthymum / Tiffany Layton / Gentle Rain
Raki Malhotra Narrator
Sean O’Neill Trent / Booker / Abernathy / Foot Crew

Creative Team

Aurora Stewart de Peña Playwright
Aurora Stewart de Peña Director
Raki Malhotra Director
Allison Peacock Choreographer
Monique Moses Choreographer
Devon Tyler Dagworthy Costume Designer
Katia de Peña Prop Designer
Katia de Peña Set Designer
Matt King Music Composer


Sam Booth Stage Manager
Nika Mistruzzi Producer
Wes Allen Technical Designer