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Femmilennial ()

Produced by

Kylie Thompson Dance

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Choreographer: Kylie Thompson


Aki Studio


July 6th, 2022 – July 17th, 2022


A choreographic pastiche developed over the past three years – one of visceral intimacy, absurdity, virtuosity. An examination of what it means, how it feels, what it looks like. Where we’ve been, where we’re headed, who we came from. 3 women sink their teeth into an ultra physical dance theatre piece – A 3D collage of movement, media and music conceptualized and choreographed by Kylie Thompson. (


Claire Whitaker Performer
Kiera Breaugh Performer
Dana MacDonald Performer

Creative Team

Kylie Thompson Choreographer
Valerie Calam Costumes
Simon Clemo Lighting Designer
Simon Clemo Production Designer
Kylie Thompson Production Designer
Simon Clemo Video Designer
Kylie Thompson Video Designer
Kiera Breaugh Spoken Text




Murphy Diggon Stage Manager
Adri Chavez Marketing
Kylie Thompson Additional Mixing