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Gaslight ()

Presented by

Mirvish Productions

Playwright: Patrick Hamilton
Director: David Gilmore


The Ed Mirvish Theatre


January 17th, 2016 – February 28th, 2016


As the ghostly living room gaslight flickers and the floorboards creak around her, Bella Manningham becomes convinced that she is losing her mind, as her mother did before her. With her husband away on business, she loses all sense of reality. Does the terror exist in her imagination or are dark secrets living in her home? The surprise arrival of a retired detective leads to a shocking discovery that will shake her respectable Victorian marriage to its core. A powerful psychological drama. (


Owen Teale Mr. Manningham
Ian McElhinney Inspector Rough
Flora Montgomery Mrs. Manningham
Emily Head Nancy / Understudy Mrs. Manningham
Victoria Lennox Elizabeth
David Haydn Policeman / Understudy Mr. Manningham
Dermot McLaughlin Policeman / Understudy Inspector Rough

Creative Team

Patrick Hamilton Playwright
David Gilmore Director
David Woodhead Set Designer
David Woodhead Costume Designer
Howard Hudson Lighting Designer
Gareth Owen Sound Designer
Chris Mace Associate Sound Designer


Ellie Collyer-Bristow Casting
Simon Marlow Production Manager
Nicola Seed Associate Producer
Jonathan Lee Production Associate
Amanda Hillhouse Stage Manager
Jessica Houghton Costume Supervisor
Betty Marini Hair and Wigs Supervisor
Molly Miles Assistant Stage Manager
Dermot McLaughlin Company Stage Manager